Monday, July 29, 2013

A Grand Adventure

Well, after living my entire life in the state of Arizona, my world is about to change. My husband applied for a job in Boise about a month ago. We waited a couple of weeks before he had his first interview. Then waited another week & they called him to ask for a second interview (both were phone interviews). We waited until the end of the week & knew we would get a call either way. I was nervous all morning on the 26th & finally sat down to read a book, when my husband sent me a text that read, "Pack your bags!" We are so excited for this new adventure. Aside from his two year mission in Mexico, my husband has never lived out of Arizona, as well. We are ready for something new, & having a bit more rain & green certainly won't hurt. They want him to start at the beginning of September, so we have about a month to get ready. It's going to be a crazy month, but now that I have things to do & plan for I won't be as stressed. We're going to sell our home, try to decide whether to rent or buy right away in Boise, pack all of our things, say goodbye to our friends & family, all in just a month. Boise, here we come!