Saturday, July 28, 2012


The other day, as Sharon and I were walking back from checking the mail at the mail box, she told me, "Sanannah's my friend." What a heart-melting moment. This picture definitely doesn't show how much they like each other because they were both so done taking pictures. Sharon usually comes in my room first thing in the morning and likes to climb up and play in my bed. As soon as she hears her sister making any sort of noise over the baby monitor, she slides off the bed, and runs into her room yelling, "Sanannah! Sanannah's happy!  Good morning Sanannah!" I was actually trying to take Savannah's picture, but Sharon kept trying to insert herself into the shot. I finally let her sit with Savannah, and this was the only picture I got.
I sure am happy that they like each other at this point. I only hope it continues as they get older!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

8 Months Old

Our happy girl is 8 months old today! What is she up to? She is completely mobile & loves to crawl around after Sharon, likes getting into the dog water, will eat anything we give her & many things that we don't, she's become a little bit of a mama's girl & always wants me to pick her up if she sees me, she's been pulling herself up to standing using anything she can & can even stand while only holding on with one hand, and she's growing like a weed.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Sharon's Fish

One of the days that we were at our family reunion, we drove over to one of the Greer Lakes to do some fishing. Sharon really wanted to help & loved getting wet in the lake. We eventually took off her shoes, pants & shirt so she wouldn't get super muddy. Ammon caught one on his fly rod & let Sharon help scoop it up in the net. She was SO excited & ran over with the net to show me the fish she caught. She sure is our outdoorsy little girl! Great job!

A Family Photo

We had a fabulous time at our Hoggan Family Reunion over in Greer, AZ. The weather was absolutely gorgeous with a little rain most days. We had fun hanging out and relaxing with family at the gorgeous Red Setter Inn (which is part of the Greer Lodge Resort). We took a a group family picture the last full day we were there and also squeezed in some shots of our individual families. This was the best one of us with the girls. I love that we were able to capture Sharon's real smile (she was actually laughing in the picture) and even had Savannah facing forward (good luck getting two kids to smile in the same shot). They were so ready to be done at this point, so I was pleasantly surprised that we managed to get one as good as this.
I haven't had tons of time for scrapbooking lately because of my new calling as the Gospel Doctrine teacher at church, and also because Ammon has been so busy with work, his calling as the Young Men's president at church, and studying for his defense of his Masters thesis coming up on the 25th of this month. I am so ready for that deadline & will be happy to have him home & not studying all the time. Sharon is busy growing & learning new things all the time. She's a major chatter box & loves to help out and play with her sister. Savannah is totally mobile now & loves to get into the dog water & pull herself into a standing position using anything that won't move. She hasn't really figured out how to get back to the ground, yet, so once she's done standing she just starts to cry and needs help to sit back down. She hasn't taken too many tumbles, but I'm sure she'll get her fair share. We are doing well & loving our little family.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Diaper Cakes

We just got back from a family reunion, and while there, my sister and I threw a surprise baby shower for our two sisters that are both pregnant and expecting boys. I had so much fun making things for the shower & one of the items that I made for each of them was a diaper cake. I bought a box of 108 size one diapers & used 54 for each cake. The bottom layer used 27 diapers, the middle used 17 and the top used 10. Inside, I included a burp cloth, a onesie, teething ring, pacifier, pacifier clip, baby powder, and the sample pack of Johnson & Johnson baby care products. On the outside of the cakes I placed a stuffed animal on top, a smaller beanie baby on the side & a handmade wooden rattle. I think they turned out so well! The layers are held together with rubber bands & then I covered the bands with decorative paper & ribbon to keep them together a little more.