Monday, February 16, 2015

Fishing Adventure

Since moving to Idaho we've had a good number of crazy fish stories. Last week we had another one. I went to the park with the girls in the morning & as we were leaving I noticed a fish truck & some guys dumping netfuls of huge fish into the pond. I assumed they were just suckers, or some other useless fish, but I rolled down my window & asked the guys what kind of fish they were. The reply, "Rainbows." I called my husband on the way home & told him about the giant fish & that it seemed like a good day for fishing.

We came back after he got home from work. Sharon immediately caught a huge one & she was so excited! It was a giant 5 pound rainbow.

My husband ended up catching two big ones, one of which was at least 22 inches long. He also caught a normal sized trout, which looked pretty piddly next to these monsters. I caught the smallest of the big ones, and it was still over 3 pounds. In all, with 6 fish total, we weighed in about 16.5 pounds of fish!

 Savannah caught an albino rainbow trout & thought it was so cool that hers was orange and pink. It was a pretty neat looking fish. She didn't want to hold it for the picture, though she was touching them and poking the eyes while we processed the meat.