Wednesday, November 2, 2016

A Groove-y Halloween {Handmade Costumes}

We had a pretty fantastic Halloween, complete with handmade costumes. My girls went as Love-a-lot (pink Care Bear), and a gray wolf. I purchased pink and gray sweats for their outfits, and added the belly badge, the wolf tail, and a little pink tail for the Care Bear. I also made a pretty awesome felt mask, and the pink ears were made of felt, hot glued to alligator clips. For the tail, I braided a length of white yarn, then looped in lengths of gray yarn, untwisted the ends, and brushed them with a hair brush to make it more "furry."  I went as Emperor Kuzco and my husband went as Pacha, both from Emperor's New Groove. I found the perfect colors of sheets at Goodwill to make my outfit, as well as his poncho and "skirt." I used the same material for his hat. I also made myself a crown out of yellow foam, and earrings out of turquoise foam. We had a blast, & I was happy with how many kids actually knew who we were, as opposed to last year's Waldo & Wenda costumes that hardly any kids recognized.

Pacha & Kuzco Halloween costumes

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Simple Pleasures {Vacation Photos}

Sometimes, I look back through the folders of photos on my computer, reliving the special moments, admiring the beautiful vistas, and realize that I am extremely blessed. Beauty is everywhere, and I love to discover it with my family around me. Here are a few of my favorite photos from our vacation to Bear Lake, Idaho over the summer.