Saturday, July 28, 2012


The other day, as Sharon and I were walking back from checking the mail at the mail box, she told me, "Sanannah's my friend." What a heart-melting moment. This picture definitely doesn't show how much they like each other because they were both so done taking pictures. Sharon usually comes in my room first thing in the morning and likes to climb up and play in my bed. As soon as she hears her sister making any sort of noise over the baby monitor, she slides off the bed, and runs into her room yelling, "Sanannah! Sanannah's happy!  Good morning Sanannah!" I was actually trying to take Savannah's picture, but Sharon kept trying to insert herself into the shot. I finally let her sit with Savannah, and this was the only picture I got.
I sure am happy that they like each other at this point. I only hope it continues as they get older!

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