Sunday, December 7, 2008

Meet Jack

We got a dog! We got Jack right before Halloween, which is how he got his name (after Jack-O-Lantern). At work, we had been contemplating getting a dog to use for the classroom. One that could come to school and help the kids to calm down when they were upset, and help teach them life skills (such as walking a dog, or grooming it). Another teacher at school asked if we were interested in a dog that she had, a stray that she and her husband had found wandering the neighborhood, and possibly the victim of abuse. Ms. Tague and I went to take a look at the dog that day, and instantly fell in love with him. I decided to give him a trial run at home, which happened to be while Ammon was out camping for a few days for work. He did so well and he was such a good dog that we decided to keep him. When Ammon got home I was glad that they got along so well, because I was a little nervous about how Jack would react to a man, since it seemed that he was more afraid of men than women. We have really come to love this wonderful puppy even in the short time that we've had him! I just thought I would post a few pictures of him on here, so that you could get to know him, too!

Jack is about a year old, though we aren't exactly sure of his birth date. He is a yellow lab, possibly a mix, though we don't know what he's mixed with. As you can see, he almost looks like a pure lab. He is already house broken, and doesn't even chew on things! He is really great on the leash and absolutely loves to go to the dog park! He is really good at school and loves to go with me. He has even learned to just ignore the screaming that happens all too often in a special ed classroom.
Though he is a super great dog, he does have some quirks, and is still getting over the trauma of his past abuse. He is afraid of loud noises, runs from the mop and the broom, is afraid of the pressure cooker, and for some reason doesn't like it when Ammon plays his guitar. We love him dearly and are excited to have him in our lives! Isn't he just so cute and sweet!


Hazel said...

He is such a cute dog. Yeah!!

Caitlin said...

Thanks! We love him!