Thursday, April 22, 2010

A fairly easy project

I forgot that I had pictures of this on my camera until I uploaded them this evening & surprised myself. This was a fairly easy project to complete & I am totally happy with the results. Someone made us a board similar to this (in different colors) as a wedding gift, but I have to admit that I have no idea what happened to it. The last I can remember for sure seeing it is when we lived in Flagstaff before we moved to Payson the first time. No idea where it went, which is a bummer because it was pretty cute. So, I decided to make another one. Don't you just love my vinyl lettering. Ha! Tricked ya! It's not vinyl! I used the same method that I have used before to fool you & used scrapbook paper. I first had my husband cut me a board 25" long, which he also routered the edges on to give it a more classy finish. Then I painted it white (I know, super hard). In my previous "vinyl" lettering projects I've had to cut out my letters by hand with an exacto knife, but no longer! I recently purchased theSilhouette SD, which is wonderful! I love it! I used it to cut out my letters in black, & then green for our first names. Then I painted some Mod Podge onto the board under each letter, applied the letters & then coated it all with a generous layer of the mod podge again. It's now hanging above my door & I love looking at it!

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Jamiecrafts said...

that's really pretty, love the colors. You had me fooled! :)