Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Cleaning Mirrors

My wonderful husband cleaned our bathroom yesterday (oh how I hate that chore!) and I finished it up by cleaning the mirrors today. As I was cleaning, I wondered how many of you don't know about this wonderful cleaning solution. I use my regular window/mirror cleaner (a cheap off brand of windex), but instead of using paper towels (which leave lint all over) or a rag or towel (which also leave lint all over), I use a crumpled up piece of newspaper. I learned this trick from my mom & always cleaned windows & mirrors with newspaper growing up.  All you do is take a sheet of newspaper, crumple it up, & wipe up the window cleaner. For some reason it doesn't leave lint, plus it is absorbent enough to clean the mirrors. I love it! Plus, I don't have to pay for it (I just use the free paper that comes every once in awhile). If your piece gets too soggy, just throw it away & grab another one. It's great! How many of you already knew about this, or have I totally enlightened you?

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The Pritchard Party said...

that's a good idea! For people who drink coffee.... coffee filters also work the best. No streaks whatsoever.