Monday, July 19, 2010

Oh, Baby, the Places You'll Go!

I just finished reading a book to Sharon, twice. My uncle sent it to me when I was pregnant with Sharon because it is a book meant to be read in utero.It's called Oh, Baby, the Places You'll Go! I never had a chance to read the whole book to her when I was pregnant because she decided to come a bit early, if you didn't already know. The first time I read it to her today we were both laying on the floor of her room and she just lay and listened as I read it to her. When I finished reading, she crawled over and tried to climb up onto my stomach to find the book. When I showed it to her she tried to grab it (probably to sample the edible quality of the pages), so I read it to her again. She stayed where she was, half-way up on my stomach, with her feet on the ground, as I read the entire book again. She loved it! When I was done, she just crawled out into the living room. Now she's happily snuggled in an afghan on the floor sucking her thumb. This is such a cute book, because it takes bits and pieces of all the other Doctor Seuss books and gives kind of an introduction to the wonderful world of Seuss for baby. I love it! And Sharon loves it, too! If you are expecting, or know someone who is expecting, get this book! It's so cute, and I'm sure you'll see a similar response that I did. She just loved to hear my voice, even if I didn't get to read it to her in utero. Maybe with the next baby (no, I'm not).


Angela said...

I really like the blog re-vamp. How long have you had it up?
I'm telling you, Google Reader makes me miss everything!

Rachel and Chris said...

I have read to Anna since she was very small and her love of books is already manifest- she reads herself to sleep every night and has favorite books. Sometimes I have her "read" them to me and you would be surprised at the funny stories I get!
Good job on starting when she is so little!