Friday, February 4, 2011

Girly baseball t-shirt

I was cruising through my Google Reader this morning & found a tutorial to make a child's baseball t-shirt out of old t-shirts at one of my favorite crafty sites Make It & Love It. I thought it was super cute & looked really easy, so this afternoon I decided to give it a go & made one for Sharon. Actually I made two, but the first one had a really small neck hole & it wouldn't fit over her head. I figured out my mistake & the second one came out perfectly. I just used a t-shirt that fits her as the pattern for figuring out the length & width. As a note: be sure to cut your pattern pieces based on the neckline that's below the ribbing, otherwise your neck hole will be too small. It may look too large, but you add the ribbing later, which makes up for the difference. So, here's a picture of Sharon wearing it. Sorry, it's not the best quality because I forgot to switch the ISO on the camera, & she was walking toward me (I know, how can such a tiny thing be walking! She is 17 months old after all).
I've had a pink t-shirt in my fabric stash for awhile, & decided it would be perfect for this project!

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