Monday, August 29, 2011

Giant Cupcake Cake Liner

I'm getting ready to make Sharon's birthday cake, the giant cupcake cake. Before baking the cake I wanted to try making the cupcake liner for the bottom half, so I don't have to frost it. I just melted 6 squares of almond bark (six was plenty with some left over), then painted it on to the inside of the giant cupcake cake pan with a spatula. I let it harden in the freezer & when it was ready I was dreading trying to get it out of the pan. Lo & behold, it slid right out & looks perfect. I added a little more chocolate to the thin spots, which were easy to see from the light shining through, & it's all ready to hug a cake! I can't wait! Oh, it's sitting on a two-tiered cake stand that I made using two plates & a small goblet.

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Adam, Kelsie, Quenton and Sasha said...

I found your blog post for this cupcake liner through google. I am making this cake for my daughters first birthday in January and would love to make the chocolate liner for it. Could you please e-mail me the instructions on how to create this? My e-mail is Thank you so much.