Friday, November 25, 2011


Looking at this picture of Savannah, I can really see some similarities between her & Sharon. There may even be a teeny bit of me in there. Savannah had a quick check-up today. She lost 7 ounces, but she is doing well, and the doctor said she doesn't seem dehydrated. She's definitely enjoying eating now that my milk has come in. We'll put the weight back on soon enough.
Sharon is quickly becoming a fan of Savannah. She just doesn't quite understand the term "gentle" yet. She loves to hold her sister & is always aware of when Savannah is crying. She loves to help & is becoming a wonderful big sister. {can you tell that Daddy did her hair?}


Angela said...

Yes, she is for sure more you!
Sharon looks more like Ammon in my opinion! :)
I love babies!

I know a lot of people like the one girl, one boy experience, but I love having two of the same gender back to back...
right now it's bedtime and I hear the boys laughing in their room even though it's been lights-out for 30 mins now. :} I love family.

Congrats again!

Anonymous said...

Congrats, They are so adorable. Sharon you are such a great big sister. Thanks for sharing Love to all. Nana