Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Today I've done very little in regards to housework, or any work in general. I'm feeling sick, so aside from dropping off a package at the post office, going to the doctor, and filling my prescription, I've mostly sat on the couch. As I look around my disaster of a house, I can't help but be a bit grateful for a few somewhat odd things.

1. I'm grateful for a cluttered living room. Toys may be scattered everywhere, Savannah may have ripped a magazine to shreds, a stack of laundry is stuck in limbo on the couch half folded & just waiting to be put away, and a box of dress-up clothes is overflowing everywhere, but having a messy floor means that I have a home. I am so grateful to own our home, to have our own space & be able to fix things when they break, and to not worry about putting nails in the walls to hang pictures.

2. I'm grateful for dirty dishes. No, I haven't finished washing all my dishes from Thanksgiving leftovers. Yes, the stacks of dishes are getting perilously high. No, I don't feel like washing them today. But, I am certainly grateful for those dishes because it means we have enough food to eat. We aren't going hungry, and we can afford to splurge a little on ice cream, somewhat expensive cheese & deli meat, and a bag of chocolate every now and then.

3. I'm grateful for the cold. What?! Don't shout so loudly! I can explain! I'm grateful for the cold mainly because it means that I can finally wear my cute peacoat & hand crocheted scarf! I also like the cold because I can always put more warm clothes on to feel nice & toasty. When it's hot, you can only take off so many clothes before you get arrested.

I love this time of year, when people turn a little nicer, strangers smile & say hello, hearts are turned toward those less fortunate, and sitting on the couch with a mug of cocoa can make my day. I hope you enjoy the upcoming Christmas season. Take time to spend some lazy moments with your family. Laugh until you cry, or shoot milk out your nose. Go for a walk in the snow, or at least in the slightly chilly evening. Listen to Christmas carols as often as you'd like. And always remember the reason for the season, that Jesus Christ is our Lord & Savior.

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