Sunday, March 23, 2014

Geese are scary

We went on a family walk through Kathryn Albertson Park this evening. The light was perfect, so I was able to get some great pictures of my family! There were also geese everywhere, and they all had their knickers in knots anytime we walked too close to their nests. We were able to distract a few pairs of parents so that we could get a closer look at their eggs. The girls were pretty freaked out by some of the geese, especially when they started hissing at us & flapping their wings. I didn't know geese could hiss. They also tend to drool a lot when they hiss, which is kind of hilarious to watch. So, enjoy these photos that I shot while we enjoyed this beautiful spring day!

Sister hugs!

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Anonymous said...

Caitlin my dear friend. What a cute family. Thank you for sharing your lovely spring outing.