Thursday, January 15, 2015

Custom Passport Tutorial

*These are pretend passports & not to be used for international travel!*
Purchase your custom passport cover in my Etsy shop {here}. Print the file as a 5x7 photo at a photo lab of your choice. Customize the information (you can add the pictures digitally at this point, or print pictures separately and glue in later) and then print off the insides of the passport using the template provided with your purchase. Now you're ready!
1. Gather supplies: Passport covers & insides, adhesive spray (or other adhesive), scissors, stapler, corner round punch, piece of cardboard, extra piece of computer paper, pen
2. Trim the insides of the passport to slightly larger than 5x7, so that you have a little bit of wiggle room when you adhere it to the cover.
3. Fold the cover & the insides in half. The insides should have the information on the inside when folded.
4. Spray the back of the cover with adhesive spray. (I recommend you do this over newspaper, cardboard, or grass, rather than a table in your house, or on concrete as the adhesive is very sticky).
5.  Stick the insides onto the cover so that the information will be on the left when you open up the passport. This is also where it's helpful to have each of them folded, because it's much easier to line things up.
6. You should have some extra paper sticking out the edges of the cover.
7. Trim the extra paper with scissors.
8. This is how your passport should look when you open it.
9. Grab that extra piece of computer paper & cut it to 5x7. Fold it in half. Draw lines so that each half is separated into 4 sections. You can certainly be more precise in your measuring than I was, but it's totally up to you!
10. Place the extra sheet into the passport, and lay it all down on the cardboard with the cover facing up. Open up your stapler so that you can use it flat (or if you have a stapler with a long enough reach, then you can just staple things that way).
11. Place two staples into the crease of the cover about an inch from the top & bottom edges.
12. See. Now pull everything off the cardboard.
13. Your staples should be sticking up straight on the inside of the passport. Fold them toward each other so they lay flat.
14. We're getting there. Does your passport look like this.
15. Optional: You can use a corner punch, or scissors, to round the corners of your passport. I recommend cutting one sheet at a time, so you don't jam your punch.
16. Finished! Now you can fill it up with stamps!

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Breanne said...

Another awesome way to use these passports!