Sunday, January 11, 2009

Just for the entertainment!

I know that I've been writing a lot about Jack, but since we don't as yet have any kids, you are just going to have to endure it! Jack has finally started playing with a ball, a blue racquetball to be exact. He doesn't, however, play with it like a regular dog, but more like a cat. He carries it in his mouth, drops it, then bats it around for awhile, then picks it back up and lies down to chew on it. Tonight I decided to see if he would fetch, so I grabbed the ball and threw it down the hallway. He fetches, all right. I'm pretty sure I continued to throw the ball for the pure entertainment aspect of the game of fetch. He would chase it down the hallway, but since we just have linoleum, he couldn't get any traction, so he was slipping and sliding and running into the wall. Oh it was so hilarious! I love fetch!

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