Friday, January 23, 2009

Pieces of Vernon

While we were in Vernon to can the meat, I went out that evening just before sunset, and found that the light was too perfect not to use it to take some pictures. These are the results of my wanderings. Each of these pictures shows a small part of something on the Vernon Ranch, and all of them are unedited, straight from the camera. I love how they turned out!This one, I guess, would represent all of the ranch trucks they have ever had there. I love the color of this one, and really just took the picture because I loved the composition of it.
I think this picture is so beautiful, mainly because it completely draws your eye to the circle of white on that trunk. It just seemed to soak up all the light, and then shine it back out! This is a picture of one of the homemade hinges on the barn doors. I think that this is my favorite of these pictures, most likely because of the complete contrast of the lighting. It has interesting texture, and just makes my eyes happy!
This picture is of the seat of the old tractor that sits outside near the house. It's a really old tractor!These are the spokes on one of the wheels of that old tractor.

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