Tuesday, August 25, 2009

It's that time of year again

No, I'm not talking about Christmas, though I do have all my Christmas songs loaded onto my iPod & they get shuffled in all the time. I am talking about the wonderful time of year when prickly pears ripen! Most of you who may not know me well are probably thinking, "Why in the heck would anyone be excited about a cactus fruit being ripe?" Well, because when those fruit get ripe, it means that it's time to make more prickly pear jelly, which I love!
Last year was the first time that I had tried my hand at making prickly pear jelly after I noticed a large cactus loaded with them over by the bank in town. It was definitely a success. As I started making more of this jelly, my husband pointed out that we were never going to be able to eat all the jams & jellies that I make (ie: I still have strawberry jam that I made in 2005 when we first got married). I just love to make it, though, so I decided I would try to sell the prickly pear jelly. I found quite a few people were willing to buy it at work, & was able to sell over 60 half pints last year. Yesterday was my first day of picking the fruit & making jelly. So, I've made 12 jars, & sold 6 of those already. I love the fact that I have a hobby that will pay for itself, plus a little extra! So, if you are nearby & want to try some homemade (absolutely delicious) prickly pear jelly, let me know! $3 a half-pint.

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