Saturday, November 14, 2009

It's been awhile

Oh, I know I've been away for awhile, and oh what a week it's been! My grandmother had to have surgery on Tuesday, came home on Wednesday & was still feeling a little jittery. Then, I came down with a fever on Thursday night, the same night that we noticed something strange on our dog's rear-end. Friday morning my fever was still there, so I was advised to go see a doctor & hopefully be prescribed tamaflu, which is just prescribed for the H1N1 (and I'm Miss Piggy). I was supposed to take our dog, Jack, to the vet to get checked out, but since I wasn't feeling too hot (haha, do you get it), Ammon had to take off work so that he could drive him down. He also ended up taking the rest of the day off, because his coworkers didn't want him coming if he'd been infected, too. After Jack's pleasant rectal exam we were told that he had an anal pollup (sp?), which would have to be surgically removed. One of his anal glands was also blocked and slightly infected, so it had to be drained. He had surgery on Friday, which apparantly went well. He certainly looked really sad when we went to pick him up afterward. He'd been yelping from the back room ever since we walked in the door, & then he came out wearing the "cone of shame" (movie anyone?). He was all hunched over because of the pain, & whimpered & whined the entire evening & then in to the night. Ammon stayed the night with him at my parent's house, while I stayed at Grandma's trying to sweat off my fever.
Then, Grandma started experiencing tingling all over her body, which can be negative side-effects from the surgery she had. This morning she had to go back to the hospital to stay over night, missing my brother's Eagle Court of Honor, to get more blood tests & receive a calcium supplement.
And, on top of all the, because I've had a fever, I haven't been able to go see Sharon for two days now, & it is so hard to be away from her for so long! Every day she grows bigger, & I feel like I am missing so much! I barely spend any time with her as it is, & I'm sure the nurses know her better than I do, so missing these few days feels like a huge loss to me! I know I'm all emotional from being sick, & having Jack walking around with a giant cone on his head, running into things & being totally freaked out, but she's my baby & I'm not allowed to see her!
Luckily I can still call & get updates, which is why I wanted to blog tonight in the first place. Because she is almost 5 pounds! Yesterday she weighed 4 lbs 15 1/2 oz. We are hoping she breaks the 5 lb mark tonight. I think I will call back in a few minutes, because they usually weigh her at 11 PM & it's 10:55 right now. I'll let you all know soon!
Sorry for this sort of whiny, long, & pathetic post, but I really needed to get some of it off my chest.


Tatum said...

Sometimes it seems like, when it rains, it poors. You are in our prayers. Pretty soon you will have her in your home making fun family memories and this week will be a thing of the past. Feel Better Soon!

Anonymous said...

Caitlin you be careful. We do hope that you get over your bug quick. And we Hope Jack will have a speedy recovery.
I came down with Strep Throat and it has taken me two week to get things under control. Please watch your fever and our Prayers are with you. Love Mom W.
Oh, congrats to your brother.

Hazel said...

Caitlin Sorry to hear that you are sick. I hope you get better real soon. I have stayed away because I was afraid I was getting sick but thankfully false alarm it is allergies and all is well. Love the "Up" reference. I can't believe Sharon is almost or is 5lbs wow!! Love you guys get better.

Little Miss Meghan said...

THAT IS FROM UP!!! I HAVE WATCHED IT THREE TIMES IN THE LAST THREE DAYS!!! It is my new favorite movie, and the "cone of shame" part is the best :o)

Nichole Christensen said...

You are amazing Caitlin, and so strong! You are my hero! And yay for Sharon!!

Randi said...

Hang in there Caitlin! I'm excited to see you Saturday!

Chelle said...

Do you have the swine flu?? Sheesh. I hear alot of people are getting it.. and it is just awful! I hope you feel better soon! And hopefully 5lbs means sharon can come home???

Lacey said...

UP!! Cute movie. :)

I hope you feel better soon!! And your dog too!