Wednesday, November 18, 2009

No more isolation

On Sunday the contact precautions were lifted, which means that we no longer have to wear the gloves, masks & gowns. Hallelujah! Also, while Ammon was visiting Sharon on Sunday they put her in a regular nursery bed & moved her out of her room into the main section with all the other babies. She is right in the middle & looks great! She is up to 5 lbs 1 oz, & is doing so well. She's still working on taking the bottle, but does better every few days. We are so amazed at how strong she is and can't wait to bring her home!
I am definitely excited for the Glendale baby shower on Saturday because I've made a slideshow of Sharon & it really shows her amazing growth! You'll love it, & possibly cry!


Hazel said...

she looks soo good!

Anonymous said...

Hey Guys, Great News. She looks a whole lot bigger. And so much healthier. She is a little doll.
Caitlin are you feeling better? I won't be able to be down for shower as I am still trying to get over a Strep throat.

Sharon Keep up the Good work.
Love to you all. Mom W

Christine and Nick said...

Sharon is doing wonderful! I'm so happy for you!!! I'm bummed I'll miss the shower, but we'll have to see each other when we come home!!! Maybe we can stop off at your place when we drive through or something. We usually drive through Vegas because of the snow...

Rachel and Chris said...

Gosh dang it I can't come!!!
I want to really badly but with Chris and I both being students...........yeah. No gas money. Really hoping that it goes well and she is even starting to look plump! Thanks heavens for plump babies!!!!

Sometime maybe you can post reminding us when her original due date was vs when she was born. I forget!


wilhelmway said...

She looks so good. I am so happy she is doing good. We were coming but my little brother is going through the temple for the first time at 5 the same night. We would love to see the slide show though. Sorry we can't make it. We will be thinking about you though. My girls are sooooo bummed!

Anonymous said...

Go Sharon everybody in Nebraska is pulling for you and sending you their prayers and well wishes. Our hats go off to the proud parents showing how strong you both are dealing with this situation set before you.

Ken, Angie and Marisol