Friday, February 19, 2010

A thought from me

I like to read Becky Higgins' blog. I like it because she is a scrapbooker & creator of scrapbooking tools, so I get a little inspiration creatively when I read her posts. I also love her blog because she throws in her life with great pictures, small pieces of advice about kids, & a little bit of spirituality. Today I read one of her recent posts about nurturing creativity in our kids & I just wanted to share a link to her site so that you can read it if you want. I loved her advice, because it doesn't just work for kids. Everyone loves to hear what a good job they've done on something they've worked hard to create, whether it's a craft project, baked goods, a meal (grand or simple), written work, or even just a neat idea. It makes people want to do more creating & thinking when they realize that other people value what they've done. So, if you see it & you like it, compliment it. Becky had this to say:
"We should never hold back complimenting those we love the most. Our families should have no doubt how talented, smart, charming, funny, and creative we think they are. So if you think it, say it."
Sometimes it's easy to jump to scolding for what a huge mess had been made, rather than seeing the magic in a pipe cleaner creature, the imagination in a drawing made mostly of magic marker scribblings, but it is so important that our kids hear that they've done a good job, & more importantly that we love them, which is expressed in smiles, hugs, kisses, & time spent listening. Just my thoughts, hope you enjoyed!


Morgan said...

I have been loving Becky Higgins for some time now! Gracey and I totally stole her idea for Valentine's Day cards this year, and will probably do another idea of hers for next! :) Her blog is great.

Natalie said...

caitlyn--I needed to hear that. I have a tendancy to value my kids "cleanliness" more than the fun & creativity they could have being active. So I guess my new motto should be "enjoy the mess" because it means they are doing and not just sitting! Thanks!