Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Hair cut

For almost 2 years now I've been growing out my hair. This is a pretty great accomplishment for me, because usually once it hits my shoulders or just below, I can't stand it and get it chopped off. This time, because I had the goal to donate it, I was able to hang in there. My aunt asked who would be willing to grow out their hair in order to donate it at the next family reunion, and so, since it wasn't just me, & there was a specific goal in mind, it really wasn't bad growing it out. I liked being able to curl it & was really enjoying it long. The down sides were that Savannah tends to get a big handful and just yank, which isn't so pleasant. Also, for the most part, I would usually just wear it in a ponytail. Well, my aunt asked if she could cut hers a bit early (the reunion is next month), so I decided that if she could, then I could, too. I got it cut & was surprised that the ponytail for donation was about 12 inches long. I was worried that I wouldn't have the required 10 inches! I love my short hair. It's so easy & with minimal effort it can look fabulous! And, Savannah can't really reach it, which is a huge bonus! Here's a little before and after photo. Please excuse the no makeup, just out of the shower before picture, and the no makeup, just got it cut after picture.

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