Monday, February 23, 2009

New (to us) frisbee golf course in Kingman

Last week, while riding the bus as part of my job, I noticed some frisbee golf baskets in a field near Mohave Community College. Now, when I say field, I really mean undeveloped land filled with Joshua trees and cholla cactus. It is called Cactus Flats after all. But, there was indeed a complete 18-hole disc golf course. I looked online on Saturday to find out more about it, and found directions to where the course is, including the location of the first tee. So, we decided to try it out! We brought Jack along, which ended up being not such a good idea as he ended up getting tons of goat heads and cholla needles stuck in his paws. We were constantly having to pull them out since he hasn't really figured out how to do that on his own. It is a fairly easy course, as far as minimal obstructions, and fairly level ground. We only did nine holes, but will probably try it out again and do the whole thing sometime soon. Yea, for disc golf!

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