Thursday, February 5, 2009

The Pathfinder

On Tuesday, when I went out to my car with Jack the dog to go home for lunch, I turned the key and nothing happened, unless of course you count a loud click. My car wouldn't start, and it didn't even try! It was so weird because it was working fine only a few hours later. It just so happened that the guy parked directly in front of me was also about to leave for lunch, so I asked if he wouldn't mind trying to jump it for me. Nothing.
I called Ammon and left a message explaining the situation, then walked to Circle K to get a crappy lunch of a way too dry chicken sandwich and a bag of crunchy cheetos!
After work, Ammon drove over to check things out and see if he could do a quick fix, or to tow it home if he couldn't do anything. We left it there for the time being because there were a lot of cars and people around for a basketball game, and it would have been a real bummer if we'd hit something while trying to push my car around.
We came back about an hour later, and I had the wonderful opportunity of driving my truck while we towed it about 3 feet behind Ammon's little truck. I never knew how insanely hard it is to turn the wheel and push down the brake when you don't have the car turned on, and the luxury of power steering. Man! We did get it home without incident, which was a great blessing!
Ammon thought it might be the starter, so he set to work trying to remove it from the car. This definitely proved to be more difficult than any of the internet self-help sites show (just reach in, unscrew a few bolts and pull it out). No, ours was wedged in between the engine and the axle, and couldn't be twisted around at all. He ended up having to remove the exhaust manifold and the oil filter in order to get to the starter, and it was still a pretty difficult job. He finally got it out and we took it to Auto Zone to test it and get a replacement.
Long story short, it wasn't the starter.
So, we pushed it over to the autoshop, with the wonderful help of a passing stranger and had them check it out.
It was the battery cable. I guess it had corroded inside the wires, causing the battery not to give power to the car.
So, now my car is all better, for which I am so grateful, plus we have an unnecessary new starter that comes with a life-time warranty!

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