Thursday, October 8, 2009

The flowers on her moomoo were pink

I just thought you all might get a kick out of this moomoo that Sharon was wearing yesterday when we went to visit her. I sure got a kick out it! It was very loud!
You might notice how red and puffy her eyes are and that's because of the eye exam she had just as we got there. I wondered how exactly you give an infant an eye exam? "Please read aloud the 3rd line of letters." Wait, she can't read! Really the doctor just is checking the retinas to make sure they are disease free and forming correctly. Her eyes are good, aside from being underdeveloped simply due to her age. Her eyelids were all red from the doctor trying to keep them open so that he could actually see her eyes. She wasn't too thrilled about that!
I got to hold her yesterday, and she's certainly feeling heavier, and is easier to hold as she gets bigger. She is up to 1350 grams, which is still just under 3 pounds. They did an echocardiogram on Monday and we heard the results yesterday. The PDA (the vein in her heart) hasn't closed but it is small, so they are not planning on doing surgery in the immediate future (huge sigh of relief). They have also upped her feeds to 25 cc of milk every three hours, which is awesome, because I am really running out of freezer space.


wilhelmway said...

How sweet she is. Glad to here that surgery is not in the near future. We hope all keeps going well! We love you guys and think of you often! Smiles!!!!

The Wilhelm's

Rachel and Chris said...

hahaahhahahaahhahaah best outfit ever

Holen said...

That's great that she doesn't need surgery right away :) She's such a sweet little thing.