Friday, October 2, 2009

One month update

This picture was from the 29th, when Shari was still on the Sipap breathing machine. She did fairly well on it, but did end up getting too tired, so they put her breathing tube back in on the morning of the 30th. She received two blood transfusions to help with her oxygen saturation, but it wasn't quite enough to keep her breathing on her own. She is much more relaxed now that she doesn't have to breathe all the time, and she looks much better rested.
I took this picture yesterday. Just so you know, this is a yawn, not crying. I got to hold her for about an hour and a half yesterday (which is just about all my arms can handle). It was nice to be able to hold her again, because it's been about a week with all the drama she's had. Yesterday she was up to 1210 grams, which is just over 2 lbs 10 oz. We are looking forward to 2 lb 12 oz because that will mean she'll have gained 1 whole pound since she was born. Oh, she is now one month old by the way, and we are so excited about that!
Sharon has become a favorite of some of the nurses because she is such a good baby. She is very good about telling the nurses what she wants, and then going back to sleep once they've given it to her. She'll wiggle a lot if she doesn't like her position, and then she'll snuggle in when they move her. If she doesn't like what you are doing she puts her hands up to her face or puts her hand out to say stop. She is doing really well, and we love seeing her little personality shine! I'm thinking of making her a halloween costume, which will consist of a white crocheted beanie with a crocheted spider on it. I think it would be really cute, I just hope the nurses will let her wear it. I'll have to post a picture once I make it.


The Pritchard Party said...

I love how she already has such a cute personality! I hope things keep going well with her.

Brenda said...

Your baby is precious. She looks so good too! My little girl didn't even gain a pound in her first month, Sharon is about to pass her up on the weight gain. Way to go!

wilhelmway said...

she is so sweet. Thanks for keeping us updated!

Anonymous said...

It seems that the angels are staying with Sharon and she is a delight for all those around her. She seems to be quite her own little person and that is so wonderful. We are excited that with each onunce she gains it takes her that much closer to when we can all hold and love on her. Sharon keep up the good work.
You are in our thoughts and prayers daily.
Love to all MOM W

Anonymous said...

Love to hear the way she is increasing her weight. The only question I have is How can she not be the nurses favorite? She is a beautiful baby and well the oneryness is making her that much more beautiful. Keep fighting one and all especially you Sharon. You all are in our thoughts and prayers on a daily basis.
Ken, Angie and Marisol Mandl