Thursday, October 29, 2009

Update & a few pictures

I just wanted to give everyone an update on Sharon. Yesterday they switched her from the breathing tube to Sipap, which just has short prongs that go into the nose & blow minimal amounts of oxygen, requiring her to breathe much more for herself. She's been doing really well on it, & hasn't had any problems with her oxygen saturation even when does get upset. We have been really pleased with her progress since her surgery. She's recovered really well, & is having virtually no breathing troubles anymore.
I took this picture today because she is wearing a little onesie. It's still a little big, but she looks so cute! One new thing since she's had the breathing tube removed, we can actually hear her cry, & cough & sneeze. It's kind of sad hearing her cry, especially when I can't do anything to help her. She does love her pacifier, & it usually helps to calm her down. Hopefully she'll suck that well when breastfeeding because she sure goes to town on the pacifier! Here's a picture of her on her stomach so that you can see the incision where they went in to do the PDA surgery. It's about 1 1/2" to 2" long, pretty big for her. It's healing well & hasn't shown any sign of infection, which is wonderful!
Sharon did get past the 4 lb mark, but it was because she was retaining tons of water. She has lost that water weight, and went back down to 3 lbs 10 oz yesterday. She is back up to 3 lbs 13 oz today, and is growing quickly. She's now getting 1 oz of milk per feeding & loves feeding time. She is also maintaining her own body temperature. We weren't expecting them to have her do this so quickly, but she seems to be doing fine, and is always nice and warm. If she has trouble they will just plug her back into the bed so that it will compensate if she gets too hot or too cold.
We are so excited with all of Sharon's progress & can't wait for her to be able to come home! It's so nice to hold her without all the extra tubes & wires, and will be even greater when it is just her! Thank you for all your prayers, we know that they've been heard and answered on Sharon's behalf! We love you!


wilhelmway said...

poor baby has been through so much

Morgan said...

Those pictures are wonderful to see!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the good news. Sharon looking Good. Such a healthy pink. We love you. It is hard for me to know that Sharon can't be picked up at will, when you think she needs it. We are so thankful for all the medical personnal that is doing such a good job with Sharon.
Tell them Thanks for us. Sharon keep doing what is working. We Love you. NANA and PAPA W.

Hazel said...

Yeah!! Love the pictures and hearing the good news. I hope to come see her. Cheyenne has regionals tomorrow and saturday so it is kind of crazy. If she makes it to the finals for Saturday you guys might want to come see her swim.

The Pritchard Party said...

She is such a sweetie. I can't wait for you guys to bring her home. I hope she keeps progressing the way she has. What a blessing!

Rachel and Chris said...

You describing the size of that scar really put her size into perspective!

I remember when my 3 month early brother came home it was like a dream come guys have even more to celebrate when that happens!



Lacey said...

She's filling out so well!! I'm so happy that she is making such great gains! You'll be home with her before you know it! :)

Amy Sprinkle said...

I am excited for you! The last picture of her next to the beanie baby shows how much she is growing!

Four Bresees said...

Hey, I'm friends with Emily Fannin and saw your blog through hers. I have to say your daughter touched my heart! I have a 2 1/2 year old boy that was born at 24 weeks. He was only 1 lb 11 oz and 13 inches. He had so many of the same things that your daughter had. I'd have to say though, your daughter is absolutely thriving! It took 99 days for our little boy to come home. I've got pictures of him from when he was in the hospital on our blog. It's Our blog is set to private, but feel free to email me ( and I'll give you access to it! Your daughter is beautiful!