Friday, January 22, 2010

A Tapioca Pudding Kind of Day

One of my favorite memories from my elementary school days, was when we had those rare rainy days. School seemed more fun because rather than go outside for recess, we would stay inside, sit on our desks & play quiet ball. Then, after walking home from school, or if it was rainy enough Mom would come get us, I would walk in the house to the wonderful smell of fresh tapioca pudding. Now, I find that I rarely make tapioca pudding unless it's raining outside. It just reminds me, "Hey, I've got tapioca, I should make pudding." So, I've decided to share the recipe I always use.

I always double the recipe, mainly because two egg whites is too little to beat in my kitchenaid, & because a single batch would be eaten extremely quickly.

Fluffy Tapioca Pudding
4 eggs, separated
24 Tbsp. sugar, divided
2/3 cups Tapioca
8 cups 2% milk
4 tsp. vanilla

BEAT egg white in small bowl with electric mixer on high speed until foamy. Gradually add 12 Tbsp. sugar, beating until soft peaks form.

MIX tapioca, remaining sugar, milk & egg yolk in medium saucepan (I actually use a large saucepan for the double recipe). Let stand 5 minutes.

COOK on medium heat, stirring constantly (I always use a whisk for the stirring, because it makes the pudding fluffier), until mixture comes to a full boil. Remove from heat. Quickly stir egg white mixture into hot tapioca in saucepan until well blended. Stir in vanilla. Cool 20 minutes; stir. Serve warm or chilled. Stir before serving. Store leftover pudding in refrigerator.

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wilhelmway said...

Thanks for sharing the recipe I love tapioca pudding. That is a lot of milk...and we are kind of snowed in so I guess I will have to wait. How is that sweet little baby?!....