Wednesday, January 20, 2010

What you wish for

So we've been getting some rain the last couple days. Yesterday morning, though, it was kind of sunny in the morning & I was wondering where the supposed storm had gone. It clouded up during the afternoon & was sprinkling when Ammon got home just after 3:00. It continued to get heavier until we could hear it pounding on the roof, even with the TV on. Then, I went to let Jack out in the backyard & when I opened the door, the water was at least 1/2 inch deep on our patio. I told Ammon & he headed outside to check things out. I guess our two inch drain pipe that lets water drain from the back yard into the front yard wasn't up to the task of releasing all that water. So, Ammon dug the drainage trench a little bigger (noticing along the way that once the trench hits the end of our front yard, it just turns to head into our neighbor's yard. bummer for them, right?) & things got a little better. Then, the rain started coming down even harder (how is that possible!) & he decided to just enlarge the hole where the water escapes. He & Jack got soaked outside & finally came in at least half an hour later. Apparently that was the key, because our yard drained fine, & our house is still standing & quite dry this morning. With all the rain & the power flicking on & off, it made for a fun evening. How's the weather where you are?


Rachel and Chris said...

It's snowing here! Classes are canceled for two hours this morning, and we are expecting more. Feet and feet.


I miss the rain! Lucky you!


Christine and Nick said...

we are also getting wet over here, but gratefully its more rain than snow!