Friday, January 25, 2013

A Family Walk (& pictures of the girls)

Yesterday was the first warm not completely freezing day we've had in about a week. So, when Sharon asked to go on "a little walk" yesterday evening, we said ok. We put Savannah in the stroller & walked down to the end of our road, where there is a large vacant lot & some mountains small hills that are fun to climb. With the sun shining, it was just warm enough to be out with just a warm coat.
Me, Sharon & Savannah
 Sharon is our little adventurer, and loved running up the little bike jumps that kids have created out of the dirt. When she got the top of each one she would jump up as high as she could. She also ran every which way, going as fast as her feet could carry her. When we got to a little saddle in the hills, she immediately set off on her own up the large hill. She fell a few times, but was perfectly fine. We brought our cameras along & were able to capture a couple of good pictures of the girls in the fabulous lighting!
 Savannah rode in the stroller up the hill & then I let her get out and walk around. While she is pretty much fearless at home, she was a little less certain on the rocky ground, and kept stumbling. She was a bit grouchy after falling down a few times, and was only too happy to get back in the stroller. She sure is growing quickly! She has 4 teeth, loves to try to jump, climbs on everything at home, loves to dance & sing & direct music by waving her arms. She is starting to throw food on the floor, mostly because she likes to watch Jack eat it, rather than because she doesn't like it.
It sure was nice to get outside & spend some good family time. We're definitely going to be going on more walks in the near future!

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