Monday, January 7, 2013

Zoku Quick Pop Maker

For Christmas, my mother-in-law sent us some money to get a gift for the family. We debated about various games, and other ideas, but we finally settled on getting a Zoku quick pop maker. It came with the freezing base, the super tool for removing the pops, 4 sticks and 4 drip guards.
I saw these awhile ago, and have had it on my wish list since. I really loved the idea of being able to say, "Hey, lets make popscicles" and rather than waiting 2 or so hours to let them freeze, we could be eating them in about 10 minutes!
After we got it in the mail, I let it freeze over-night, and then made some pineapple pops around lunch time. I just put a can of crushed pineapple with the juice into the blender (obviously without the can), along with a little bit of milk to make it creamier, and just a touch of sugar. Blend. Insert sticks into the pop maker. Pour pineapple mixture into the Zoku, and made sure not to fill past the fill line. I just let it sit on the counter for about 10 minutes, and once they were firm enough, I screwed the super tool onto the sticks, and was able to pull the pops out with no problems!
Since then, we've also made pops with yogurt, mixed with a little milk to make it pour easier. Yesterday, I put some sliced bananas in Sharon's yogurt pop. This morning I made one just out of apple juice for my 1 year old, and she loved it! I just held the pop and let her bite little pieces off. I love the texture of the pops, they are so easy to eat & haven't been rock hard like some pops I remember making as a kid.
Next on my list of pops to make is some fudgecicles and pudding pops.
If you have a bigger family, they also have the Zoku Triple Quick Pop Maker, or if you just want to make one at a time there's the single pop maker. You can also buy extra sticks, a storage case to keep pops in the freezer, and other tools.
So, if you love homemade popcicles, check it! It's super fun!

FIY: I was not compensated in any way by Zoku for the opinions in this post. I just wanted to share my experience with a product that I love!

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