Saturday, January 12, 2013

Etsy Success

I've been keeping pretty busy lately as I've had 5 different orders, 3 of them being custom orders, from my Etsy shop. I was telling my husband last night that it sure is nice to have a hobby that starts to pay for itself! I'm not really expecting to make tons of money with this business, though of course that would be nice, I really just enjoy getting to create something every day, and help to make other people's lives a little more crafty! I've been a little surprised that my best sellers so far have been my paper creations rather than some of my fabric items. So far, I've sold 131 yards of paper garland & just yesterday sold 12 yards of bunting. I had my first international sale, and have really enjoyed working on various custom orders. I love making the garlands with paper hearts, which is perfect for Valentine's Day coming up! This week I worked with a woman who asked me to make a heart garland made out of maps & I think it turned out beautifully. Here are some pictures of what I've been making lately. What's your favorite?
Pink hearts with dictionary paper
"Defining Love" - Red hearts with vintage dictionary paper hearts
"Love Notes" - Vintage sheet music with cream hearts
"Love on location" - 3D map hearts

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