Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Bread in 5 minutes a day

Wendy Dewitt posted a link to a video about how to make Artisan bread in 5 minutes a day and I checked it out. I wanted to share the links with you because I am definitely in love with this bread! The link she gave was just to the video that shows the basics of how to mix the bread, but I wanted the actual recipe, so I did a little looking & was able to find it on the blog for the book Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day. So, here is the link to the recipe. Now, let me tell you about my experience making the bread. I found a rectangle container that is large enough to hold the dough as it rises, and then I mixed up my first batch of dough. I left in on the counter for a little over two hours, & I can assure you that my yeast was definitely working. I pulled off a chunk so I could make a loaf right then and I put the rest in the fridge. The first few times I made it, I let it rise on some cornmeal on a cookie sheet. After the first couple loaves, I decided to buy some parchment paper (not sure where the stuff I had went) because I was having some trouble getting the loaf off the cookie sheet without squishing it. With the parchment paper I won't have to do that, I can just put the whole thing on the baking stone.

So, what's the bread like? So good. It has a nice crust on the outside, but the inside is so moist & fluffy (it's so fluffy I'm gonna die!). Sorry, I couldn't pass up that chance for a movie quote. But the best part about the bread is that while it is so tasty, there is practically no effort involved. You don't have to knead it, & the rising time doesn't have to be exact at all. I will say that I will probably make my regular bread recipe sometimes, too, because I do like to knead on occasion. It gets the stress out. But, I'm going to keep a batch of this bread dough mixed up in the fridge from now on, because I can just decide to bake bread when I get a craving for it, and have it just about an hour later! I am definitely going to be getting the book so I can see what other recipes they have using this basic dough.

So check it out! And if you do end up buying the book, it would be great if you could get it through the link here in this post, because then I get a little bit for advertising! =) Thanks!

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kirstin & jordan said...

the bread sounds fabulous!
and you're right- love the velcro idea for the ribbon chain! thanks for stopping by!