Monday, January 24, 2011

Digital Family Tree

Awhile ago I created a paper family tree with some brown cardstock & a maple leaf punch. I added the names of my family & their birthdates & it now resides in my entryway. I love it! I love keeping every day reminders of my family in my home.
Well, I've now surpassed even my own genius (though how that works I'm not quite sure). This morning I got the amazing idea that I should digitalize my family tree pattern. I scanned in my leafless tree shape & then created a new family tree in Photoshop Elements using my digital scrapbook papers & computer fonts. I made this one to hang in Sharon's room so that she can have some pretty, but sentimental art, too. I'm going to make these trees available for purchase in my Etsy store early next week, so check back then! I just love these colors!
I now have custom digital family trees available for sale in my Etsy shop! Check it out {here}!

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Emily said...

That is really cute!