Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Happy Fourth (a little late)

We went camping near Kaibab Lake for the 4th of July. Ammon & I got there a day earlier than my family, & it rained most of the night. Thankfully our tent stayed dry! I love this picture of Jack with his head resting on the doorway of the tent. You can kind of see my legs in the background. I was taking a nap, & Jack was keeping an eye on me. He was so good for the entire trip. He really wanted to chase the cows that kept coming near our camp, but he listened very well. I loved being free to run around & really enjoyed himself. We had been planning on camping in the established campground, but it was full, so we drove out on a dirt road about a mile & found this beautiful spot! It was pretty open, in a meadow, but had just enough trees to offer some shade. We had a great time, & it was so nice to be completely alone, rather than surrounded by barkind dogs, noisy generators, & loud neighbors. What a great camping trip! This is me in all my fishing glory. I am wearing the vest because I was also fly fishing. We caught tons of crappie with the fly rods, which was a lot of fun! Mom let me borrow her hat because my neck got sunburned pretty bad the day before. I know, I look amazing! When Ammon & I went fishing the first day we were there, Jack would flinch & run away each time one of us cast our line out. By the next day, he decided he really liked fishing. He would lay near us, & each time anyone reeled in he was right there waiting. If the fish was too small we would toss it into the water near Jack & he would get to play with it, & poke it for a little bit before it swam out into the water. Jack loved fishing! This was the large-mouthed bass that Allyssa caught. I'm holding it because the hook was stuck in it's throat, & I had to get it out.
We definitely had to get the traditional shot in front of the tent trailer. I guess that thing was made in 1967, & my parents have had it for almost 20 years now! Wow! It's still holding together, for now.

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