Monday, August 11, 2008


Hoggan family reunions are always a blast, but this year seemed to be especially fun! Maybe it was because Ammon was able to come to it for the first time, or that the cousins who were on missions during the last one were there, or maybe it's just that we all so love to be together and want to spend as much time as possible together! We were able to go to Lake Tahoe and play on the beach on Tuesday. On Wednesday we kayaked (pain, lots of pain!) from our beach to Emerald Bay (a distance of about 5 miles, which I found out later), where we toured an old home called Vikingsholm. On Thursday was rock climbing (which I didn't participate in because I was a bit sore from kayaking. We also made the family trees that I'd brought for a craft. And we left for home on Friday. During the week we enjoyed singing together, playing tons and tons of games of all kinds, eating wonderful food, shopping for souveniers, celebrating birthdays, and hanging out together! I loved seeing everybody and can't wait until FR10 (not sure about a good nickname here, maybe frighten and we could have a halloween celebration).

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