Friday, August 8, 2008

Mom & Dad

As my parent's 25th anniversary approaches I am taking some time to look back not only on their wonderful marriage, but on the things that I have learned from each of them. From Mom I have learned not just how to sew, but how to sew nicely, even if it does take double the amount of time. I have also learned from my mom how to have patience, that no matter how hard you stub your toe you really don't need to swear, that sometimes the punchline doesn't matter as long as we can all laugh together, to fold the laundry as it comes out of the dryer rather than when it's totally and completely wrinkled the next day, that you can never have too many aprons, that anything anybody ever says can remind you of a song which you should then begin to sing, that music, whether it's a CD, someone playing the piano, or just singing, makes a home beautiful and happy, and that cooperation is better when you don't have to have your hand tied to your sister's hand, but it sure can be fun that way!

From my dad I have also learned valuable lessons and skills that I am so happy to have learned. Some of these include that you should never try to catch a falling knife, taking care of your car now prevents a lot of maddening time fixing it later, how to really splash the lifeguards off a diving board, that we can change our behavior if we really want to, that helping is doing what you've been asked, that you should alwys try again no matter how many times your model airplane gets destroyed, that the weather shouldn't determine your attitude, and that you should just be yourself, even if it means wearing red pants with Mickey Mouse on them, or neon fish.

I love you Mom & Dad! Happy 25th Anniversary!

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