Friday, August 29, 2008

Three Day Weekend

Wow, I am so excited for this three day weekend! It seems like this week went by so slowly! I'm not sure if it was having to answer the question, "Can I hold your hand?" with "No, we don't hold hands in middle school" just fifty times a day, or wondering when the next violent melt-down was going to occur and trying to prevent it from happening that made the week seem so long. I really am enjoying my job, it's just that sometimes my head starts to hurt from all the yelling and whining that happens so often. There are certainly moments that make it all worth it or just plain make me laugh. Like when Cassie suddenly said, "You have hairy arms, you should shave them." Or when Dylan looks at me, really looks me in the eye and realizes I am there, and smiles a full face smile that makes his eyes shine and his face wrinkle up. Or just hearing the kids greet me first thing in the morning when I get off morning duty and meet them in the cafeteria where they are having breakfast. Or like today, when I heard Dylan say an actual word for the first time. He said, "Yes." I know, not usually a big accomplishment for a ten-year-old, but for him, it is huge because he is totally non-verbal. What a wonderfully amazing job I have!

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