Friday, August 29, 2008

Our House

A few weeks ago when I was awoken at an insane hour by the dog next door (see a previous post for that story) I decided to make use of the beautiful morning light and take some pictures of the house we are living in. We are really enjoying living here in Kingman! We especially like the fact that we were able to have a garden this summer and are enjoying lots of squash, we had our first cantaloupes from the garden just the other day, and the tomatoes and sunflower seeds are almost ready. We see hummingbirds at the feeder every once in awhile and we like the fact that we are on the corner, with an empty lot behind us, so we only have one set of neighbors to deal with. We love our big garage, mainly so that Ammon can enjoy his wood shop, and his weight lifting set, which he just recently acquired.
The house really reminds me of the house my family lived in while we were in Tolleson, AZ. It's probably because of the texture and color on the outside, because the shape isn't really the same. We really like our ward and hope that we will be able to stay in the ward when we finally decide to buy a house. Ammon serves in the Young Mens as the Teacher's Quorum Adviser and gets to teach every few Sundays. He is also assistant Scout Master, which he also enjoys. I am loving being in the Young Womens as the Secretary and have made friends with the other women serving there.
Ammon enjoys his job at the BLM and has made a number of friends at work. He is fast becoming know as the GIS specialist (a type of mapping system) and also brings a great variety of humor and personality to the work environment.
I started my job at the middle school as an assistant in the Special Education department, which I blogged about in my previous post. We love it here and hope to stay for a long time!


Morgan said...

Hey! I was excited to see your comment!

I am glad you are liking your job for the most part. Its at the middle school right? Which one?

Caitlin said...

Yeah, I am working at Kingman Middle School. It's a lot of fun usually. Not so fun when someone has a violent melt down.

Hazel said...

Caitlin I am excited about your new job. I substitute taught at the high school with the handicap and I am embarassed to say sometimes I was frightened. I wasnt sure what to expect. But I got to know the kids and really enjoyed it.

Caitlin said...

I understand about the being scared part, because every once in awhile something totally crazy happens and I'm not sure what to do. Once I understand what's happening I am usually ok.