Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Enjoying Vacation

 Well, we are enjoying our sort-of-vacation. Ammon has to spend his days in boring meetings for work, but it sure is nice getting paid to visit family. Today my mom & I went to the Restaurant Depot to get some bulk chicken. No that doesn't mean the chickens were fat, hardy-har-har. We bought 120 pounds of chicken breasts & thighs & are planning on canning them tomorrow once they've thawed. I'm so excited to have canned chicken again, as I used my last jar last week. It is so tasty & tender!
I ran 2 miles on Monday & should have run today, but woke up a little too late & didn't have time. So, I am going to go running tomorrow even if it means that I have to push Sharon in the jogging stroller.
Jack is enjoying playing with my parents' dog, the weather has been pretty nice, my family is crazy, we watched the season finale of Survivor the other day, & we're just having a great time hanging out together.
I'll be adding some more items to my Etsy shop when we get back home, & I bought some new flowers to make into clips. I am really excited about these because the flowers are so bright and summery! See you when I get back home!

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Amanda said...

My in-laws taught me to buy 1 or 2 extra turkeys at Thanksgiving when they are really cheap. We cook them in pressure cookers and the meat just falls off the bones. Then we bottle the meat with the juice from the cooker. I use it in every recipe that calls for chicken. Can't tell the difference. So juicy!! Just another idea. Have fun canning!!